Privacy policy

In compliance with legislation introduced on 13th December (Ley Orgánica 15/1999) as regards Personal Data Protection under the ruling RD 1720/2007, established on 21st December, which regulates security measures applicable to personal data protection,Ecomar I+D, S.L., whose national identity number is NIF B08243370, as owner of the website, would like to inform its users as regards existing legislation on obtaining and use of personal data:

The automized collection and use of personal data is aimed at maintaining the present contractual relationship with Ecomar I+D, S.L., the management, administration, delivery, enhancement and improvement of services in which the user decides to register, as well as by sending traditional text messages and emails about technical, operative and commercial information about products and services offered by Ecomar I+D, S.L..

Ecomar I+D, S.L. have implemented the legally required levels of personal data protection and endeavour to use any further technical measures at our disposal to avoid abuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of any personal data which may have been entrusted to Ecomar I+D, S.L.. The user must, however, be aware that internet safety measures are not unbreachable.